Retail gasoline prices have been holding at well over the $2.00 a gallon mark in SW Michigan for some time following a notable drop below that level earlier in the year. Now, we are seeing that trend again with a number of area gas stations now offering regular unleaded at under $2.00 a gallon. The top 10 lowest priced stations in Michigan are all in the metro Detroit area. All are under $1.80 a gallon. There are four stations in the immediate Battle Creek area that dropped prices under the $2.00 a gallon mark over the weekend. At last check, the website reports Sam’s Club on 6 Mile hit  $1.89 a gallon, while three others in Calhoun County are in the 1.90’s a gallon.

TSM photo
TSM photo

In Kalamazoo, the website reports at least ten stations are under the $2.00 a gallon mark. Triple-A provides a weekly update on gas prices. The auto club says the statewide average for Michigan is now at $2.19 a gallon. Over to the east of Battle Creek, a handful of stations in Jackson County dropped below the $2.00 a gallon mark over the weekend. There seems to be little to base the lower prices on. Market analysts have been all over the map the last couple weeks with their predictions about higher and lower prices based on forecasts showing wide fluctuations in current and predicted demands.

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