Over the years I've known quite a few people who have worked at General Motors for a big part of their lives.  This not only includes my uncle, but some of my best friends who are now retired and enjoying life.

According to the Detroit Free Press, General Motors is shifting hundreds of salaried workers among its Southeast Michigan locations and declaring where some new hires will work as it prepares to bring its remote workforce back to the office starting this summer.

According to GM spokesman David Caldwell, the moves also reflect adapting to post pandemic workplaces where the future will be more flexible.  (Detroit Free Press)

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Here are the steps that General Motors will be taking:

About 900 workers from its Customer Care and Aftersales offices in Grand Blanc will move to the Global Technical Center in Warren.  (Detroit Free Press)

GM will move several marketing and product people from its global headquarters in the Renaissance Center in Detroit to the Technical Center in Warren.  GM is still determining how many employees will make this move.  (Detroit Free Press)

General Motors will hire a significant number of new IT specialists who will be assigned to work at the RenCen.  (Detroit Free Press)

The Detroit Free Press also tells us General Motors will hire 3,000 engineers, designers, and IT workers to speed up electric vehicle production.

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