When I think of the possibility of flying cars, I think of the classic movie back in the '80s called Back to the Future. Do you remember the flying time machine called Delorean?

Even though that was all special effects, it was fun to watch on the big screen back in the '80s.

So here we are in 2021 and General Motors has inched slightly closer to fulfilling its quest to put the world in flying cars.

According to the Detroit Free Press, as part of the 2021 virtual Consumer Electronic Show, GM showed renderings and animation of what it dubbed its Cadillac Halo concepts.

The Cadillac Personal Autonomous Vehicle, which is likely a fancy self driving taxi, and Cadillac Vertical Take off and Landing vehicle. Basically a sleek and futuristic drone like flying car.

According to GM's vice president of global design, the VTOL is GM's first foray into air travel. Advances in electric vehicles and other technology are now making personal air travel possible.

This is pretty incredible. Do you think the Jetsons cartoon show was on to something so many years ago? That cartoon was all about the future and flying space cars.

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, a video shows an animated future that is straight out of the Jetsons. The VTOL is meant for short jaunts about town. For example: a person working at their office who needs to rush to another meeting across town. (USA Today)

The VTOL meets you on the roof and takes you to your meeting across town and drops you off at the VTOL-aport nearest to your destination.

Here's the really cool part. The aircraft would have four rotors powered by a 90 kilowatt hour electric motor. It would be capable of speeds of up to 56mph. (Detroit Free Press)

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