Again we have a sports team that felt the need to kneel during the National Anthem to show their disgust for the United States.  As I have pointed out in the past it is always interesting when these athletes state that they kneel during the National Anthem because they believe that is where they will get the most press attention.

I have always said they would get the most press attention by kneeling during the actual game time.  For instance, if a basketball team was losing or winning by a few points and the opposing team was coming down the court to score why do they not take a knee then? They could kneel for as long as they do during the National Anthem and allow the other team to score as many points as possible during that time.  They would definitely get quite a bit of national press for their cause.  But these rebels without courage would never kneel during their games.

I am all for non-violent protesting but why do you feel the need to protest during the National Anthem when you could choose a time during your game and get the attention you desire?

This time the apparent American haters are the entire Georgetown University basketball team and their coaches and staff.  They took a knee during the National Anthem before their NCAA Tournament game against Colorado last Saturday.  Colorado’s players, coaches and staff chose to be Americans and stood during the National Anthem as you saw in the featured image.  In the following tweet you will see Georgetown on their knees:

I am happy to inform you that Georgetown proceeded to get their butts whooped.

Colorado beat Georgetown and beat them badly during the entire game by a score of 96-73.

Where and who taught these teenagers and young people to learn to disrespect the country they live in and have given them so much? 

Teenagers generally love music and their interpretation of the lyrics.  Well how about a song from the band Green Day titled American Idiot:

Don't want to be an American idiot

One nation controlled by the media

Information age of hysteria

It's calling out to idiot America

Perhaps they should listen to the band Green Day and not turn into adults who are “controlled by the media” who may then turn into “idiot” Americans.

Hopefully, these teenagers and young people will learn one day why this country is so great and to respect the soldiers who served and died for what they have today.  Protest all you want but please reconsider protesting during the National Anthem, when you kneel or sit during the National Anthem you are kneeling and sitting on the graves of the soldiers who died for your freedoms.

The Strong Stand for America!

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