A lot of people are going to be togging big bags and boxes to area food and beverage retailers today. One of the most recent Executive Orders from Governor Gretchen Whitmer allows retailers to begin processing bottle deposits again. Some jumped the gun. Some had been doing it quietly for a while. Others like retail giant Meijer began allowing some of its stores to take bottles and cans back last week. But the majority will in some fashion, start back up today. Some estimates figure close to 100 million dollars in unreturned bottle and can deposits are being held by the retailers statewide. Meijer has some new rules in place, at least for a while, including a $25.00 limit on returns per visit. And you must wear a face mask in the enclosed bottle return areas.

Small retailers who don’t have automated systems are facing the biggest task since many must rely on staff to personally count and sort returns. If you plan to take bottles and cans back anywhere today, you might think about setting aside some extra time for that since you may have to stand in line.

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