One of the best ways to tour Michigan ghost towns is county by county...and a good county to start with is Isabella. Isabella is just one of many Michigan lower peninsula counties with plenty of ghost towns and small towns to visit.

Ghost towns in Isabella include Alembic, Boyden, Brinton, Broomfield, Burnham Crossing, Caldwell, Crawford, Dushville (Winn), Herrick, Isabella City, Loomis, Rosebush (formerly Calkinsville), Salt River, Sherman City, Strickland and Vernon City to name a few of the EASIER ones to find. Many other ghost towns in the Isabella area bleed over into Midland County and Clare County.

I took my own ghost town tour not long ago through Isabella County and others...there are MANY great photo-ops. The photo gallery below shows you some of the towns you may go through on your journey.

Grab a road map (remember those?) and start mapping out your trip. In a case like this, a road map could be more useful, as some of these smaller towns are still listed on them, whereas a GPS might not help.

When you're able to get out into the real world again, take a roadtrip, have fun, and take pictures!

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