Listed below are thirteen hauntings, urban legends, and reports of paranormal activity in Ingham County.

13 – count 'em – 13.

Considering the size of Ingham County and its history, there are plenty of others – hundreds more, probably. But since the number thirteen is a good superstitious one to use, we'll go with that..

So included in this first round of 13 creepy Michigan county tales, you'll encounter:
Ghostly gardens
An old hermit and his crazed female counterpart
School 'spirits'
Funeral home ghost
Government ghosts
Human hair curse
Door that shakes
Tower apparitions
Elevator entity
Sealed-off séance room
Village office phantom
Bodies buried in the basement
Bathroom beings
Sounds of sobbing children

It's the time of year when your fears seem to materialize.
The things you imagine creeping in that dark corner really do exist.
There really is something hiding in your closet.
Someone waits for you under your bed.
The sound you heard in the middle of the night was not your imagination.
The movement you saw from the corner of your eye was real.

Mortals are given fears for protection. While some people are afraid of ghosts, the ones who aren't may be scared of snakes, spiders...or cats. It seems that we have to be afraid in order to keep ourselves safe.

While our fears help us in the real world, many of us enjoy facing our personal horrors in movies, books, and other types of media, in the safety of our own homes.

So take a look at the following hauntings in Ingham County within the safety & confinements of your computer...

13 Ingham County Hauntings

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