Being cooped up all winter is no fun at all, and this roller coaster we've been on hasn't exactly been a treat either. Now, as May approaches, the Gilmore Car Museum is rolling out some fun events, so you can have more fun than just your golf league. They call it car show season. Classic cars are great for the people who own them, but "cruise-in" nights allow the rest of us to, if you pardon the expression, drool over these collector cars, as many of us have memories attached to cars from this era.

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The first of these "cruise-ins" is Wednesday, May 4th. They are a weekly event, either permitting, until late September. And they are events, with live music, and the Gilmore diner and grill open, too. And entry is free, but members get perks, so you may want to look into that.

Right after the start of the cruise-ins, on Saturday, May 7th, is a Mustang & Ford Show, the first of a season of weekend car shows. This first show spotlights 80s and 90s Mustangs, with special emphasis on Foxbody Mustangs but this show is open to all classic car makes & models. And if you're wondering what a Foxbody Mustang is, according to this source, it's "the third generation of Ford's iconic muscle car, lasting from 1979 to 1993. They're referred to as the Fox Body Mustangs since they used the new Fox platform. As one of the longest-running generations, the Fox Body saw quite a few major changes over the years".

And when the weather is nice, the ride out to Hickory Corners is nice, and reliving automotive memories is always fun.

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