The Bailey House in Lowell has been demolished for years but the legend and hauntings will not go away. The most-prevalent ghost is that of a little girl, supposedly one of the children who were murdered by her own mother.

The legend says a woman killed her entire family and then proceeded to the basement where she hung herself. Passersby would often see the figure of the little girl standing at the window; she would scream and then disappear....and investigators have supposedly recorded voice tracks from a little girl who kept telling them to "get away from the house." She still roams the empty lot.

According to another tale, three cheerleaders were kidnapped and locked in the basement where they eventually starved to death.....and their spirits are also said to haunt the grounds. This one is less likely.

Ghost-hunters witnessed red stains that resembled blood throughout the house and the kitchen was smeared with bloodlike stains. A hanging bell would begin ringing on its own, and the sound of a little girl laughing and taunting investigators would be heard from within the basement.

Nowadays, with the house having been demolished years ago, curiosity-seekers still experience the weirdness; cars that park in front of the empty lot refuse to start, some people start bleeding from nose & ears, with some so bad, they wind up admitting themselves into a hospital. This place has been a legendary haunted area for years & years and the hauntings haven't seemed to go away, much to the dismay of neighbors who notice the thrill-seekers who still visit this countryside wooded area. The location of the former old Bailey house is on Bailey Drive in Lowell, within the woods. The driveway has been overgrown with weeds and 'no trespassing' signs are up.

As always, whenever in doubt, protect yourself and ALWAYS GET PERMISSION TO EXPLORE PRIVATE PROPERTIES.

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