You know, It's a given that no matter where you go, there are bound to be people who are gonna be "extra". But why can't they do it on their own time? Why do they gotta cause the good people at Econo Lodge in Battle Creek grief? Between January 2018 and February 2019, police went to that hotel 475 times, more than any other hotel in the city, according to BCE. 14 times because of assaults, 67 times for people causing trouble, 37 times for domestic disputes, 36 times for unwanted people on the property, 34 times for 911 hangup calls, and five times for overdoses.

Police Chief Jim Blocker estimated that each call costs the city about $75, which means the city has spent close to $35,000 on calls to the Econo Lodge in just 13 months. These people are out here trying to make an honest living, so don't bring your bad decision making into their place of business, while also wasting money.

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