This is both an uplifting emotional story from both the positive and negative perspective, I choose to focus on the positive.  I read about this very young love affair in the Indianapolis Star.  It is a story about young love, tragedy, bravery, compassion and we can only hope a miracle.

Two eighteen-year-olds by the name of Chase Smith and Sadie Mills both on their perspective swim teams of their High Schools met and fell in love.  Sadie is an elite diver who is going to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) college to continue her diving career.  Chase was once a nationally-ranked swimmer.  In fact, he was once ranked 13th in the nation for the 100-meter butterfly as well as a 6-time state champion and record holder for the 100-meter individual medley, 100-meter freestyle and three relays at Indian Creek Middle School. He was hoping one day to swim in the Olympics.

Both Sadie and Chase fell in love in their last year in high school and planned on a life together as many young people do.

Chase had been involved in a 6-year battle with a very nasty cancer called Ewing's sarcoma.  Recently Chase started to feel quite a bit of pain and went for some scans of his body and received the worst news of his young life.  His cancer had come back with a vengeance and those scans “showed tumors all over his skull, in the fluid of the lining of his brain, surrounding the pituitary gland”.  They had realized that he has lost his battle against this cancer and was informed that with or without treatment he had 3 to 5 months to live.

The article reported that:

When the cancer returned, the pain was excruciating in his shoulder. He couldn't get comfortable. He was crying. Sadie laid his head on her chest and soothed him. The pain and tears eased.

The story does not end there.  This story is not about a life taking cancer but one of hope and love.

Chase said that:

He knew he loved Sadie from the moment he met her, the way she made him feel, the way his fears calmed when she was near him.

We are told in the exact spot Chase had picked up Sadie for their first date, where they also shared their first kiss on April 29th they got married. The article tells us that “Chase watched Sadie come toward him in her simple white dress, he shook his head, smiled and then started crying”.

Courtesy of Amy Phipps Photography
Courtesy of Amy Phipps Photography

Sadie said:

"We, every day, pray for a miracle together because we trust in God...We pray that Chase would stay on this earth longer so we can bring more people our story of love."

Sadie once I read about your story I wanted to be one of those people to bring your story of love to as many as I can.

Will you help me spread their story of love, please share this story with as many people as you can.

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