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Apparently if you are a student in an Oakland California school you will no longer be suspended if you swear or mouth off to a teacher.

As being reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, “mouthing off in class or failing to follow a teacher’s instructions will no longer lead to suspension in Oakland schools, a ban that will be phased in and be fully in effect just over a year from now, the school board unanimously decided Wednesday night.”

Oakland school district is joining other California school districts that will no longer suspend kids for offenses such as “refusing to take a hat off or ignoring teacher requests to stop texting and more severe incidents like swearing at a teacher or storming out of class. “

Sound like a good idea to you?

Why should students respect their teachers any longer, right?

What is this going to teach these children?

The reason according to the article is a disproportionate number of suspensions are occurring with non-white students.

Some groups such as community activists from the Black Organizing Project, Public Counsel and Californians for Justice, among others, are cheering this new edict.

These same groups are also asking for more money, to the tune of $2.3 million dollars, to be spent in alternative discipline programs.

What may those be?

Of course more money is needed, because money solves all problems right?

You man not remember but the Obama administration has also pushed to limit student punishments.  The Obama administration is concerned that the penalties are being applied disproportionately to non-white students.

If we do not teach students to be respectful to their teachers what do you think will happen when they graduate into the real world and have to work for someone?

If the white students are not being suspended for the same offenses as non-white students, all things being equal, I could understand their concerns.  Problem is there appears to be no evidence that supports that theory.

What are your thoughts?

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