Jackson County Republican State Representative Julie Alexander says unanswered questions about election integrity and government accountability are hanging over the 2020 election. She’s asking Michigan Auditor General Doug Ringler to conduct a review of voting processes. Alexander says there remains a need to ensure security and accuracy.

Representative Alexander’s request to the Auditor General comes after Monday’s announcement by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson that in short, local election audits from around the state show there’s nothing to be concerned about. That includes local audits in Calhoun County including the cities of Battle Creek and Marshall, along with the townships of Clarendon, Emmett, and Burlington townships.

Alexander wants a detailed and independent election review covering the areas of transparency, ballot integrity, uniform treatment of voters, compliance with local and federal election standards, and even public/private elections-related contracts.

Representative Alexander says, “The Office of the Auditor General has the necessary tools and methods available to investigate these important matters. I, along with voters across Michigan, believe the 2020 general election must be evaluated and that greater transparency is needed to restore faith in the election process that defines this nation.”

Representative Alexander says even the state’s own “risk limiting” audits need to be audited. Alexander says very few people understand the process involved. She’s also questioning whether all the local elections offices around the state involved with the post-election audits performed them properly.

On Monday this week, Michigan Secretary of State Benson proclaimed, “We’ve responded to every question and claim and the evidence is clear. It is time for leaders across the political spectrum to tell their constituents the truth, that our election was the most secure in history, and the results accurately reflect the will of Michigan’s voters.” Clearly, the Secretary of State has not convinced everyone.

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