As we mourn the passing and celebrate the career of Gordie Howe, a Hollywood connection is revealed.

TheMilkyTea via YouTube

When the producers of Ferris Bueller's Day Off contacted hockey legend Gordie Howe about using his jersey, he happily sent them one.

In a 2009 Q&A with Sports Illustrated, Mr. Hockey disclosed:

They [the producers of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"] asked me for the jersey and I sent it out. It was nice seeing the No. 9 on the big screen. I had a lot of proud moments in that jersey.

-Gordie Howe

Thus did the sweater of a Red Wings hockey legend become a part of John Hughes' iconic film about skipping school.

Why would a character in a movie set in Chicago sport Detroit's winged wheel? USA Today reports "the reason for Cameron’s attire is that Hughes, a die-hard hockey fan, was born in Michigan and grew up loving Detroit’s team, the city’s pride and joy."

h/t The Week