Governor Whitmer is still demanding her money that she fined people, businesses and even a city government because they broke her illegal executive orders.  Is she really that petty and vindictive, apparently so.

MLive is reporting that 35 Michigan business and even the City of Port Huron were given fines for not following her executive orders.  Those fines totaled $115,700 and Whitmer wants every penny of it even though the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that every one of those executive orders issued after April 30th was illegal.

Does that make any sense to you?

The fines were levied by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration for COVID-19 workplace safety violations (MIOSHA), bet you did not think we had a government agency for that.  Michigan has a government agency, group or subgroup for everything.  I remember years ago they even had a website for mercury poison and your dog.

MIOSHA believes the Supreme Court’s ruling that stated her executive orders were unconstitutional because the law they were based on was unconstitutional doesn’t invalidate the citations thus their fines. 

Sean Egan, Michigan’s director of COVID-19 Workplace Safety told MLive:

“The safety requirements MIOSHA has been enforcing relating to COVID-19 and the citations issued to date are based on MIOSHA’s statutorily supported general duty clause, which requires all employers to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards...The Supreme Court’s decision does not invalidate any citation.”

Now Governor Whitmer, her Administration and Directors believe they can fine us Michigan residents for anything they want even if it is deemed illegal.

I would love to say unbelievable but nothing, absolutely nothing surprises me about this person who believes she truly is a Dictator or Queen.

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