Not long before going live on-air to give a 4-minute speech at the virtual Democratic Convention, Michigan’s Governor Whitmer swears with a microphone right in her face.  She apparently had no idea that the microphone was on.  Then she jokes with the assembled union audience and says:

“I have learned about the hot mic”

Really Gretchen, apparently you have not learned.

I have a question; how many people were assembled in that Union hall to watch her speech and were they wearing masks?  I hope there were not more than 10 people because that would be her once again breaking her own executive orders.  Also, I do not know if you noticed but Governor Whitmer was not wearing a mask at that Union hall.

A new video site called The Recount, posted a short clip of Whitmer saying

“It's not just Shark Week, It's Shark Week m----- f-----."

Check it out for yourself:

Her short speech was given at United Auto Workers Local 652.

I seem to remember another Democratic politician who likes to use the phrase m----- f----- oh yeah that is Rashida Tlaib.  Yes, the same Rashida Tlaib who actually admitted to teaching her 13-year-old son to say those exact same words.

Classy women, I do not even think they have President Trump recorded saying those words.

Apparently she and her Lt. Gov. Gilchrist are pretty happy about what she did, Gilchrist joked about the incident yesterday morning on tweeting: "What week is it, @gretchenwhitmer?" Governor Whitmer tweeted:

A Whitmer spokesman has not responded to any question about her swearing on a hot mic.

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