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Would you like a slightly used robot that originally cost us taxpayers $156,500 for approximately $970.00?  Well, maybe next time because our government already sold the two they had for that amount.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting on a Department of Veteran Affairs hospital in Wisconsin that bought two robots to move supplies around the hospital.  One problem though is they forgot to check if they could effectively move through the busy hallways.

Danger Danger Will Robinson!  I just detected government employees with the ability to spend taxpayer dollars.

What, are we supposed to think that these government employees would actually think about the complexities of actually using the equipment they purchase with our tax dollars?

The two robots were purchased for $313,000, then sat unused for two years and eventually sold for $1,937.

You see the problem was their “logistics department” never determined before they purchased the robots whether they could actually navigate the hospital’s hallways with people in them.  Maybe we are actually asking too much from these government employees.  What do you think?

Problems began once the hallways included staff and patient traffic.  For example, at the time of our site visit, the chief of logistics said that the robots would get stuck next to each other in the hallways and, in doing so, would block staff and patients from passing by.  In an effort to mitigate the problems encountered with the robots, the facility employed different tactics to better utilize the robots, for example, the logistics department sent employees out with the robots and tried to use them at times when hallway traffic was minimal.

Apparently none of their “fixes” worked so they sold the robots for approximately $970.00.  Boy, whomever bought them really made out well.

This is just another example of many where we find that our government has grown so large one hand has no idea what the other hand is doing.  Or maybe it is one hand is in one pocket and the other hand is in another pocket.

We need to get control of this monster before it eventually implodes and leaves us with a bill and mess our future generations will not be able to handle.

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