Governor Gretchen Whitmer is announcing a long list of notable state residents named to her new Protect Michigan Commission. Among them, Battle Creek Mayor Mark Behnke.  The mission of the new state panel is to help educate all of us on why we should feel safe accepting one of the COVID-19 virus vaccines.

Mayor Behnke was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and spent a few days in isolation until he was cleared to resume normal activities. He’ll be talking a lot about the vaccine operation of the state and federal governments in the coming weeks. The state is pushing to hit a level of 50,000 vaccinations of state residents per week.

The commission was actually formed last month but the state wanted to get some structure set up before announcing the members. The primary focus of the panel is to identify groups that may be hesitant to accept vaccination and then come up with a plan to change the minds of those who don’t want it.

The state Health and Human Services Department will oversee and assist the new panel members as they begin to meet and map out some strategy.  Governor Whitmer says, "Michigan is working around the clock to ramp up vaccinations and reach our goal of 50,000 shots in arms per day, and with the help of the Protect Michigan Commission we can ensure everyone has a plan to get vaccinated once the opportunity becomes available to them.”

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She goes on to say,  “Thbipartisan members of this group will play a vital role in helping to reinforce the importance of everyone getting the safe and effective vaccine. I am confident that the members of this commission will rise to the occasion and help Michigan end the COVID-19 pandemic once and for all.”

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