Governor Whitmer has a problem, what does she do with a top aide of hers who decided to not take her advice she gave to us common residents of Michigan and not go to Florida for spring break.

March of last year Whitmer appointed Tricia Foster to Michigan’s Chief Operations Officer. A year later Tricia has taken the attitude that traveling to Florida is good for me but not for thee.

Of course, it was Breitbart News and no Michigan paper that first reported that Ms. Foster took a vacation in the Florida Keys shortly after her boss, Governor Whitmer urged Michigan residents to avoid any spring break trips to the State of Florida, as reported by WVPE.

You might say, well Tricia planned the trip before her boss urged Michiganders not to go to Florida so she would have been out the cost of the flights.  First Ms. Foster makes close to $200,000 taxpayer dollars a year and second she tweeted the following:

“Missing his [senior] trip to the Bahamas so planned girls plan b 24 hours before flight.”

Ouch, even after hearing what her boss said she did not seem to care.  Does the Whitmer Administration know something about how serious the consequences of catching the Covid-19 virus are?  Or does Tricia simply not care?

How was she caught?  Apparently Ms. Foster was not bright enough to not post pictures all over her Facebook page of their awesome spring break trip in Florida or she just did not care what the common folk thinks. She has since deleted them from her page, interesting.

When Governor Whitmer’s testy Press Secretary Bobby Leddy was asked about Ms. Foster's trip the liberal Detroit Free Press reported that he replied nastily that the Breitbart article was:

"a partisan attack from a garbage white nationalist website"

What does the reporting of Ms. Foster’s spring break trip to Florida with her child have to do with those remarks?  Especially coming from a “garbage white nationalist” like Bobby Leddy.  Hey Bobby we can all play your childish name-calling game instead of being an adult and answer a very reasonable question.

By the way, why does Whitmer have a white nationalist as her press secretary?

Ms. Foster has not responded to any questions from the press.  Apparently, according to Bobby, Whitmer has nothing to say about it either.

Now, what will Whitmer do?  She has had Nessel throw people in jail who defied her orders.  I agree she just urged Michiganders not to go to Florida for spring break and did not make it an executive order but this would be a perfect situation to make a great example of how serious Whitmer believes this virus is.

Will she prove to Michigan how serious she believes this virus is and fire Ms. Foster or perhaps suspend her without pay or will she do absolutely nothing about it and continue her mantra:

What is good for me is bad for thee.

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