Governor Gretchen Whitmer has just approved new legislation that will allow Michiganders to wait 2 years to renew their vehicle registration instead of every year.

This is all an attempt from Gov.Whitmer to improve the quality of life here in Michigan. And you know what, it's working.

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Making life easier for Michiganders is one of my top priorities,” said Governor Whitmer. “The changes that I signed into law today will give Michigan car owners the opportunity to renew their license every two years instead of annually and will provide options for Michigan businesses to renew their special vehicle registration. These changes will build on the many new convenient services offered by the Secretary of State to put Michigan families and small businesses first.”

I can't tell you how many times I've dreaded going downtown to the Secretary Of State to renew my vehicle registration. Now with this new system in place, people can opt-out of the annual renewal and go with a 2-year renewal saving you a trip to the SOS.

Pieces of legislation that actually improve the quality of life in Michigan are something we need more of. It might seem like a small gesture to extend the renewal time an extra year, but for the average person, that's huge. And takes us in a direction where the mindset is finally focused on the everyday person and not just businesses.

What else do you think we should implement to improve the quality of life in Michigan?  I vote that we implement Taco Tuesday at every Secretary of State in Michigan. Not only would this improve the quality of life in Michigan, but everybody would be up to date on their tags and insurance! Keep it simple, no tags, No tacos, now that's a brilliant idea!

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