As I say quite often on my radio show; love him, hate him or not really care about him President Trump has been keeping his campaign promises.  Can we say that about our Governor right here in Michigan?

President Trump has been attempting to address all of his campaign promises, some he is successful at others he is not.  The ones that he has not yet been successful at are not because he has not tried or ones that he has kept quiet on but they have been blocked by Congress.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting on one campaign promise Governor Whitmer has been apparently not speaking or doing anything about.  That campaign promise has to do with what she said last summer which was that the U.S. Constitution includes a right to literacy.  Really, I did not read that in the Constitution, perhaps you did and you could point that out to me and others.

Last July in an interview with WDET radio a few weeks after Judge Murphy's ruling on this issue, one in which he ruled there was no “constitutional” right to literacy in the U.S. Constitution Judge Murphy wrote:

Plainly, literacy — and the opportunity to obtain it — is of incalculable importance…As plaintiffs point out, voting, participating meaningfully in civic life and accessing justice require some measure of literacy.

He then went on to write that those points:

“do not necessarily make access to literacy a fundamental right." And “does not determine whether it must be regarded as fundamental."

Then candidate Whitmer said Governor Snyder and the Judge were wrong on the case when she said:

Despite what the federal court said, despite what Bill Schuette and Gov. Snyder say, I believe every child in this state has a constitutional right to literacy…I believe you have a birthright to a good education. And it includes having a great teacher in your classroom, having facilities that promote the kind of learning that today’s day and age requires. All of these are pieces of that.

Last week Michigan filed pleadings with the U.S. Court of Appeals that asked the court to dismiss a lawsuit that was designed to establish that “constitutional” right.

Michigan pleaded:

Even if defendants were the proper parties when this case was filed, they are no longer the proper parties because of these changed circumstances, which has restored local control…As a result, the plaintiffs’ claims are now moot.

Now that is interesting, when other people where in office there was a constitutional right and now that they are not in office there is no constitutional right to literacy.

Governor Whitmer’s spokesperson, Tiffany Brown stated:

The governor’s office has signed onto the first part of the lawsuit only, which argues that the State of Michigan is no longer a proper party to the lawsuit due to changed circumstances and the fact that local control has been restored… The Governor’s Office did not join the second part that argued children did not have a right to literacy. The governor believes that every student deserves a quality public education.

A lawyer for the children, Mark Rosenbaum stated:

She campaigned on it and she got votes on it…She solicited and obtained votes representing that she was going to support a constitutional right to literacy.

Apparently Mark, she got the votes she needed to get elected and that appears to be what she was aiming for.

Again love him or hate him, President Trump appears to be a man of his words when it comes to his campaign promises, I just wish all other politicians where the same.

By the way what the Whitmer administration believes is needed to help this literacy problem in Michigan is; you guessed it, more money.

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