The political news site Politico had a headline on their site this morning which stated:

Biden can finish Bernie off in Michigan: The next big state on the primary calendar is looking dicey for Sanders

In that article they wrote:

Super Tuesday weakened Bernie Sanders. Michigan may break him. It was Michigan where Sanders engineered a primary day miracle four years ago, upsetting Hillary Clinton and imprinting his populist agenda on the industrial Midwest.

Can Bernie Sanders engineer that primary day miracle again?  Well it just got much tougher to do so because Joe Biden just got a big endorsement to help him next Tuesday.

Governor Whitmer announced via twitter that she has endorsed Joe Biden and Michigan will have a voice in his campaign because Joe made her a campaign co-chair.  Whitmer tweeted the following:

We need a president who will show up and fight for Michiganders, and @JoeBiden has proven time and again that he has our back. I am proud to both endorse him and announce that I will be joining his campaign as a co-chair.

She went on to say in a press release that Biden:

had all of our backs when he worked with President Obama to expand health care to millions of people under the Affordable Care Act, including 680,000 Michiganders who now have coverage through Medicaid expansion...He had our backs during the auto industry rescue that saved GM and Chrysler. And he’s proven that he will continue to fight for those values and more as our next president...Joe Biden is the candidate we need to defeat Donald Trump in November...He’s always had our backs. Now, I’m proud to have his.


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