An Autumn visit to the farm can be fun for the kids but grownups will enjoy these stops a lot more with added alcohol options.

Fall is not just for kids; with pumpkin spice season comes pumpkin ale. The season is meant for hoodies and hayrides, corn mazes and carmel apples, football and fresh cider. Plan a family trip to Lehman's Farmhouse or Corey Lake Orchards and those 21+ can enjoy a grown up treat.

How does "Hard Cider Happy Hour" sound? They offer 11 flavors at Corey Lake Orchards and you can get a growler filled to take some home from the Three Rivers farmstead. homegrown wine and homespun brandy are also specialties.

There is a Lehman's Orchards in Portage, but it is worth the trip to Buchanan. This Lehman's imports produce from their Niles farm to a restaurant and taphouse downtown Buchanan. Homemade craft beers, artisan wines, ciders, brandies and whiskey are the bill of fare. While not technically a visit to the farm this is as about as close as you can get.

Fall is fun for everyone so let the kids play in the leaves while you warm your insides with a seasonal beverage.

Bonus Video: Harvest Moon Acres Cornmaze Flyover

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