Does this Grand Ledge teacher still have a job? You bet she does. 

There was a Grand Ledge school district school board meeting last June 4th in which the board was going to vote on implementing their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) curriculum. Along with that vote, they were also planning on putting their DEI in its training and hiring practices.

Parents were also going to express their concerns at that school board meeting about critical race theory. Just a little over a month ago Grand Ledge schools hired a MSU critical Race theory advocate as a diversity consultant.  Apparently, Grand Ledge schools have so much taxpayer dollars they can throw money away on racist and bigoted theories.

According to reporting by the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site Julie Boruta, a special education teacher at Beagle Middle School, posted the following on her Facebook page the next day:

“Grand Ledge teachers, parents, and generally ANYONE that cares for how our district moves forward…An EMBARRASSING board meeting last night, where our (now hopefully if he wants to come here) soon to be superintendent was SUPPOSED to have his contract ratified, was shut down by Q talking point supporters. It’s SO DISGUSTING. This is white supremacy RIGHT HERE in GL. We MUST be louder than them!”

This woman should not be in front of children teaching and she also should not be allowed to be within 300 feet of any children.  What do you think this person is actually teaching her special education students?  She quickly deleted her post but not before people were able to get a screenshot of it.

Her reference to “Q talking points” has to do with an internet conspiracy group made famous and encouraged by the Democrats.

One really important question is how many people like her are standing today in front of your children in these classrooms and damaging their minds and you do not know who they are?  We only know about this woman/teacher only because she outed herself on Facebook as a person with only hate in her heart, soul and mind.

Why does this teacher still have a job? You are going to have to ask the Grand Ledge school district and Beagle Middle School.  Apparently, they are ok with these types of people actually being around children in their schools.

What other types and how many people with such demented thoughts do they allow access to the children of that school district?

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