After the rioting, looting and destruction that occurred last weekend in Grand Rapids, the city created an Internet portal in which citizens can submit videos, photos and provide tips to the police concerning the criminal activity they observed.  The idea worked very well as the city reported that they received over 20,000 videos, photos and tips.

Great job GR, every single rioter, looter and destroyer of property must be charged, tried, fined and thrown in jail if found guilty.  If the authorities do not take this action the anarchist and criminals will just do it again when they get the opportunity.

The venture was so successful the Grand Rapids police stated last Tuesday that they were closing the Internet portal and moving “to the next steps of the investigations”.

As of last Tuesday, the Grand Rapids police have only arrested two people.  Let’s hope that number increases significantly if they have the evidence via this portal.

It is incumbent that the good and law-abiding people who want to live in a civil society help the police in their endeavor to bring these criminals to justice.

Edmund Burke, a British statesman and philosopher once said:

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do noting

Every city should set up a portal just like this one so the next time these criminals want to take advantage of a situation they know the long arm of the law will bring them to justice.

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