These very young people have a very rude awaking when they leave their woke environment and come into the real world.  Well, at least the real world as us adults have grown up in.  Who knows what the government Mommy and Daddy is going to pay for them next.  I would love to see these youngin’s having to eat military chow or government food.

The news site MLive is reporting on a Grand Valley State University (GVSU) chapter of Students for Food Sovereignty who held a protest on their campus last Tuesday.  They want GVSU to end its contract with Aramark, a third-party company that provides cafeteria services for the University.


Why would you ask such an uninformed question? You are obviously not as “woke” as I am.

If you must know it is because “Aramark does not align with the university’s values and fails to provide all students with equitable food options”.  You did not know that you silly goose.  I remember when I was a teenager and living off my parents at home I told my mother that I did not like what she was serving me because it did not align with my equitable food options.  

She told me fine and nicely, as you can imagine, asked me to leave the table because what she prepared is what we had to eat and if I did not like it please leave the table.  When my father heard what I said to my mother he had a few choice words for me that I cannot publish on the websites of my radio stations.  He then told me to get a job and start paying them for rent and utilities.  He went on to inform me that I now must also buy my own “equitable food options” and prepare and cook them myself.

When presented with that option I told my mother she was the best chef in the world and I loved what she prepared for me.

A junior at GVSU by the name of Alex Hicks, co-founder of the student group stated:

“I have friends who are vegan or vegetarian or gluten free, or have allergies, and the options for them are so insanely limited...I‘ve had a meal plan every single year I’ve been at Grand Valley, and every year I use less and less of it. Students (are saying) their meal plans are useless, or they’re getting an upset stomach or developing systems of like IBS, from eating Grand Valley’s food.”

What does this student group demand:

  • End GVSU’s contract with Aramark
  • Transition to a self-operated dining system 
  • Commit to real food, racial justice, worker’s rights, and more

It is funny to think of a college or university having a dining service, we called it a cafeteria.  I will say these days it is unbelievable what these colleges and universities offer within their “dining” system.

“Racial Justice” and “Workers Rights” when it comes to cafeterias at “higher” educational institutions.  I know some “institutions” it sounds like these children should be in.

I cannot believe these children would actually be taken seriously by these schools.  There is a very simple solution to their gripe or to be nice concern they have; stop buying the meal plans.   Alex, you are a junior at a university, rent an apartment and buy and cook your own food.  Then you can provide yourself with equitable food options and also provide racial justice and worker’s rights within your apartment.

If you don’t you can go outside of your apartment and protest yourself in the parking lot.

What is GVSU doing about this?  A spokesperson for the school, Mary Eilleen Lyon confirmed to MLive that they did receive a proposal and:

“We have several people in discussions with members about their concerns”

God help these children when and if they graduate and have to face reality in the real world unless they work in a government position.

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Alex, below are some very simple recipes for you, are they equitable I am not sure because I am nowhere near as woke as you are:

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