Michigan State Universities Spartan helmet silhouette was rated the best logo in college sport by Athlon Sports.

Per Athlon Sports the following was their rationale:

Michigan State's in-state rival may have the best college football uniforms but it is Sparty who can lay claim to the game's best logo. The second-place finisher in Reddit's recent logo poll, this Spartan helmet silhouette ranks supreme here because it's everything you want in a logo: Striking but understated, strong but subtle and just all-around awesome. And after years of endlessly toying with the shade of green, Michigan State finally hit the jackpot.

MSU Spartans logo beat out Texas at #2 and Virginia at #3.

Sorry Michigan your logo came in at 25th best in the country.

Athlon Sports said the following about Michigan's Block "M" logo:

OK, it’s just a block “M.” But the color combination of maize and blue that makes Michigan’s football uniforms the best in the land also makes the school’s logo Top 25-worthy

Good news for U of M though the 2016 U.S. News & World Report College rankings report ranked U of M #27 in their rankings of public and private national universities.

The top five overall were: Princeton; Harvard; University of Chicago (tie for third); Yale (tie for third); Columbia (tie for fifth) and Stanford (tie for fifth).

When they look at only public universities, the report placed U of M as the fourth best, behind University of California-Berkley, University of California-Los Angeles and the University of Virginia.

How did some of the other Michigan universities rank this year:

Michigan State University #82
Michigan Technological University #118
Western Michigan University #194
Central Michigan University #202

Good news for Michigan is always welcomed.

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