I guess we need another haunted place to check out, so here we go… The Griswold Auditorium in Allegan.

It was built in 1929 by Marilla Griswold, a lumber baroness who had passed away ten years earlier while living in an apartment, not in a lavish home as one would expect. She had bequeathed a hefty sum to the community and finally, after deciding what to do with the money, the 600-seat (later 650) theater was finally constructed.

The paranormal occurrences going on within the theater are said to be the activities of the spirit of the late Ms. Griswold. The usual things like footsteps when no one’s around, lights on & off, faint voices & whispers, sound systems cutting out during recitals, and split-second sightings. This has become a popular place for paranormal investigators.

Others feel the ghost could be that of a former performer with the Allegan Community Players, Abbie Smith. The ACP is one of Michigan’s oldest acting organizations. Abbie was a very active and avid actor and it just might be a bit difficult for her to cut ties…even after death…

The theater is a two-story asymmetrical brick building with limestone trim, dark wood moldings and multi-pane windows just as it had in 1929…just right for serious investigators.

The Griswold Auditorium is located at 401 Hubbard Street, Allegan.

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