While I was trying to figure out my groundhog problem this past weekend, the McKelly family grapevine was up and running.  Word came down the vine that gull Meadow Farms was selling donuts.  I said that's not possible they only sell them in the Fall.  And then I thought, these are unprecedented times.  Undeterred, McKelly family members put on their masks and jumped in the car to find out first hand.  I stayed behind to decide whether or not to pee in a groundhog hole.

Word came back that Gull Meadow Farms did indeed fire up the donuts machine and were churning them out like it was Fall.  And, apparently, the word got out because there was a line of cars waiting for that sugary fix.  I checked the website and sure enough they were doing Donut Days with a pre-order system and this past weekend was the curbside pick-up dates.  Maybe it was like people putting up Christmas lights to  make their neighbors feel better.  Ok, well, how about we celebrate another holiday tradition out of season and open the taps of green beer?  And hey!  This is Michigan.  We could very well get the right weather for Winter Fest!

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