Something named "Hell's Bridge" sounds...pretty ominous. And since it's Spooky Season, let's dive into Rockford Michigan's Urban Legend: Hell's Bridge.

Recently, Matt C. posted a couple of photos of what looks like a narrow, steel bridge in the dark. He posted those pictures to the Facebook group Abandoned, Old and Interesting Things in Michigan which you can see here.

Now, just looking at these photos it's easy to go, "So what? It's a the dark. What's the big deal?" But, comments from those familiar with the legend hint at a terrifying backstory behind what is known as Hell's Bridge.

Deidra H. wrote: No way would you catch me out there at nighttime!

The original poster, Matt C. also commented: The story is like some kind of Freddy Kruger s**t.....if it's legit....I've experienced a few weird things out there at 3am.

A quick Google search of Hell's Bridge immediately pulls up an article which, unfortunately, reveals a horrifying back story.

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According to, this Urban Legend dates back to the 1800s and points to a man named Elias Friskie who apparently lived by the Rogue River, where the bridge is located. The story goes on to say that Friskie was either asked to watch a group of children or kidnapped a group of children.

**Warning: this is where it gets gruesome**

Friskie was then allegedly possessed by a demon and proceeded to murder the group of children before throwing them in the river. When the people in town came looking for their children they discovered Friskie by the river covered in blood. They then hung him from the bridge that crossed Rogue River.

People say that, at night, you can still hear the cries of children or see their ghostly faces floating in the river.

Today, the footbridge still remains although it doesn't look sturdy enough to cross. You'll most likely find trees covered in graffiti along the overgrown paths that lead you to the bridge. Ghostly sightings are not guaranteed.

Should you count yourself among the brave and want to visit Hell's Bridge, watch this video first. This Youtuber gives a bit more backstory to the Urban Legend although, it's unclear who or what their sources are or if any of it is factual. Again, the details are gruesome so be warned:

So, what do you think? Is this bridge in Rockford a gateway to the beyond? A place with lingering spirits? Or, more likely, a place where something horrendous happened that has since been twisted into a haunting tale?

Regardless, that's one place you definitely won't catch me at night.

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