How much more controlling and crazy can a government get, you have not seen the worse of it yet.  When I first saw this report I thought there must be a tremendous amount of deaths occurring.  The Daily Caller has reported on what is going on in the country of Australia.

The Australian government has now called for martial law and the military is now carrying out that call.  There is actual video footage of decontamination tents set up in front of people's homes right outside their front door.  To see that footage click on the Daily Caller link above and go to minute 5:00 in the video.  This certainly would be understandable if their death rate was through the roof.

How many people have died from Covid in Australia this summer?

That would be 9 at the time of this report.  Nine deaths have made their government move to decontamination tents outside of people's homes and it did not stop.  Australia's chief health officer, Dr. Kerry Chant is now compelling their citizens to not speak to their neighbors.  Do not believe me?  I certainly would not believe that unless I heard from the person's own mouth.  Here it is:

I will even give you the transcript of her words:

We need to limit our movements. We need to consider whenever we leave our house that anyone with us and anyone we come into contact with could convey the virus. So whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others to be friendly. Unfortunately, this is not the time to do that. So even if you run into your next-door neighbor in the shopping center, don't start up the conversation. Now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others as we go about our daily lives. We do not come into contact with anyone else that would pose a risk.

Their government is now trying to control their speech with each other over 9 deaths.  Would you say that is going a little bit too far?  When your government actually tells you who you can speak to and when you can speak with them that is definitely totalitarianism.

The question is are we or could you imagine that we could go down that very same path?

Do you remember when Governor Whitmer told us we can purchase products from these aisles in a store but we cannot purchase items in those aisles?

Now with that in mind, I will once again ask the question: are we or could you imagine that we could go down that very same path?

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