Does this teddy bear look familiar to you? Someone lost this love-worn stuffed animal at a Battle Creek store.

The photo of this teddy bear waiting at the Beckley Road Hobby Lobby lost and found instantly conjures up images of a sad child perhaps even crying because they miss their friend. A tired parent who's looked high and low to no avail and a child who has had trouble sleeping without their best friend. This teddy bear was lost at the Battle Creek Hobby Lobby sometime around August 20, 2020. Since being found in the store, a lost and found tag was added and the bear is being carefully stored with other items that were mistakenly left behind.

An area resident made a social media post late last week and it has been shared hundreds of times but as of Tuesday, September 1, 2020, the owner has not been located.

Employees at the store say they have been hoping to see this teddy bear get reunited. Can you help? Maybe someone you know has a child missing their stuffed friend. Ask your friends and family. Share the photo for others to see. Maybe, just maybe, we can help this teddy bear find its way home.

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