How can we pay for the border/barrier on our southern border?  I love out of the box thinking, especially when it comes from a politician.

Now Republican Senator Ted Cruz has come up with one of those out of the box ideas.  He has introduced “The El Chapo Act”, this act would use the seized assets from these Drug Lords to pay for the southwestern border/barrier.

Do you think this is a viable and good idea?

As we speak, Federal prosecutors are attempting to seize $14 billion in assets from El Chapo himself.  The fact that the projected cost of the border/barrier would cost somewhere in the $22 billion dollar range if we can use the seized assets of El Chapo that would pay for about 64% of the border/barrier wall alone.

There is probably a treasure trove on assets that are seized every year from these drug cartels, where are those funds from the seized assets being spent today.

The question I have is why have we not heard more about this bill and discussion of this idea?

Could it be because it is too good of an idea.

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