According to recent long-range forecasts, we may get snow earlier than normal this year.

We now have a couple of predictions about the first snowfall of Winter 2022/2023.  I realize that the weather in Michigan is almost always the opposite of consistent.  Who knows, we could have a freak snowstorm before Halloween.  In fact, one long-range forecast shows our first snowfall happening very close to the spooky holiday. says that Kalamazoo will likely see snow as early as November 1st.  The website shows possible snowfall in Kalamazoo the week of November 1st through the 7th.  Snowfall is predicted again the week of November 17th through the 22nd.

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WWMT points out that on average Kalamazoo will see snowfall for the first time around November 17th,

For Grand Rapids, the average first snow occurs on November 7. In Kalamazoo, the average is 10 days later on November 17.

It's important to note that the National Weather Service released its Winter Weather outlook a couple of weeks ago.  Southwest Michigan is likely to see average temps this winter with above-average snowfall amounts.

Again, these are all forecasts that could change as we get closer.  It is Michigan after all.  However, you're not going to get more accurate sources than WWMT, The Farmer's Almanac, and the National Weather Service.  So, who's ready for a winter wonderland?

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