Fuze Kitchen & Bar was one of the favorite stops to grab a beer and food in Downtown Kalamazoo and through ups and down, they were able to reopen during the pandemic, but it proved to have taken a toll, as it eventually closed. There's now signage up at the former location at 214 E. Michigan Ave where Fuze once was that says that a new restaurant called High Dive Kitchen & Bar will be coming soon, however, very little is known about it. There are whispers and rumors about some of the inner workings though, so here's what we've heard so far:

A conversation taking place in the Kalamazoo Foodie group shows the signage and people are already starting to shed some light on some possibilities that may come to fruition soon:

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The first claim made by someone in the group is that the new owners of the business are the same owners of ZooCity Beastro on Portage. Another person said this transaction and plan to open has been going on for quite some time:

Been in the works quite possibly longer than Saugatuck has been trying to move. Liquor license hold up and possibly other issues.

Another member seemed to confirm this claim:

yes they have had a rough time getting everything going. Excited when they can finally open!

We'll have to keep an eye out for a new Facebook page or website for the restaurant to be made I'm sure, with the announcement to be made hopefully by this summer.

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