How bad is our High School education business, pretty bad!  The AP is reporting on a High School right outside of Baltimore that was comparing our President to Nazis and communists in their History classes.  Funny since their Democratic Party members are acting like Nazis with attempting to suppress free speech and they are about to nominate an actual self-identified Socialist/Communist.

These teachers and administrators who are involved with this act are an embarrassment to their profession and should not be allowed to be around anyone’s children.  They showed a picture of our President above pictures of a Nazi swastika and a flag of their front runner in their Democratic Primary race Bernie’s own Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union in which he and his wife Sarah honeymooned in 1988.  The captions stated:

wants to round up a group of people and build a giant wall” and “oh, THAT is why it sounds so familiar!

Baltimore state Delegate Kathy Szeliga posted the picture of the image on her Facebook page and said:

It is horrific. It is educational malfeasance

Kathy Szeliga FB page
Kathy Szeliga FB page

What is truly sad and frightening is the response of the school and school district.  A spokesman for the Baltimore County Schools Charles Herndon instead of being concerned with what they did said the students in their advanced high school classes are:

discerning, intelligent students who are going to be able to draw their own inferences and draw their own conclusions.

Really did they compare Obama to Communist when he tried to nationalize our medical Health system or use our IRS to go after his political enemies and use our intelligence agencies to spy on the nominee of his opposing party?

The school district then released a statement that read:

The topics being discussed in the class included World Wars and the attempts by some leaders throughout history to limit or prevent migration into certain countries. In isolation and out of context with the lesson, the image could be misunderstood

Will these teachers and administrators be fired by this school system as they should?  I very much doubt it.  The school district said this is a personnel matter:

which will be appropriately addressed by the school administration and is not subject to further clarification.

This insanity by these teachers and administrators must be stopped.  Stay vigilante in what is happening at your children’s school and fight for your children at the school board level and in the offices of the principals and superintendents.

You on the left need to Stop The Hate!

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