High winds tore through the lower peninsula of Michigan, today, causing major damage and power outages.

Unfortunately, my house was one of the victims of the blast across the state.

At approximately 1:00 PM, I was sitting in my bedroom, watching YouTube videos, when I heard a sickening sound of cracking wood and a thunderous boom as my house shook.

I knew that it was an old giant Maple tree that stood next to my home, in Galesburg. The front-door was not an exit, as the tree had destroyed my front porch and totally blocked the entry. Leaving through the rear-door of my home, I then saw that the tree had also landed across my car that was parked in the driveway. This proved to be a blessing, because the car kept the tree from traveling through the attic and on my bed, where I had been sitting.

WWMT arrived for an interview, for the 6 PM news, giving me a few seconds towards my 15 minutes of fame.

Thanks to WBCK, I was able to borrow the radio station van and make it to work for my evening shift as a news announcer.

Chalk-up one more memory to be shared at my future memorial, when the time arrives.

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