There are plenty of jokes to throw around with the words "high" and "Michigan". While, yes, Michigan sells and smokes a ton of weed, we aren't talking about who can get the highest, but rather where you can get the highest.

Okay, maybe that phrasing doesn't work either.

Jokes aside, Michigan isn't the most mountainous region of the Midwest, but it's also far from the flattest.

With that in mind, you don't have to make a trip to Colorado to enjoy some insane altitudes - if you're into that sort of thing. (Yeah, that can still be a weed joke too, huh?) Still, you'll be far from a mile high in Michigan if you make the trip.

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Like any state (okay, except maybe Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas), Michigan has a point that reaches higher into the atmosphere than any other, but it isn't by much. Michigan has at least five points in the state that stand at least 1,835 feet. The two tallest peaks nearly reach 2,000 feet (which is still well less than half a mile).

The second-tallest peak is Mount Curwood, which is just east of L'Anse, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, at 1,978 feet. The tallest peak tops Mount Curwood by just a foot.

At 1,979 feet, Mount Arvon is the tallest peak in all of Michigan. It stands less than 10 miles northeast of Mount Curwood. This wasn't always the case. According to A-Z Animals, a 1982 measurement between the two mountain peeks favored Arvon after it had long been determined that Curwood was the tallest spot in Michigan.

But even that is a technicality, as Mount Arvon is the tallest natural point in the state. Just east of Mount Arvon is Tilden Mine, which is a bit taller due to mining processes.

The land Mount Arvon sits on is a heavily forested area that is actually privately owned. Still, the mountain welcomes visitors even if it isn't the easiest landmark to find. Details on how to get there and what to do once you've found it can be found here.

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