A home invader wound up on the business end of a gun from a homeowner that said...oh no, not in my house!

According to WOOD, New Year's Day was pretty intense for a homeowner in Ionia County around 10:30 p.m. when a man broke into a house on East Musgrove Highway in Sebewa Township.

The man who broke into the house said there was someone chasing and trying to kill him and that was his reasoning for breaking in.

The homeowner grabbed his piece and went outside with the intruder to see if anyone was following him but no one was there. When the two men went back into the house, the intruder starting acting weird then attacked the homeowner.

The homeown wasted no time shooting and killing the man before the deputies could arrive to the location.

The deceased intruder has been identified as 40-year-old Justin Eddy. Eddy is from Lansing Michigan and according to the Ionia County Sheriff Charlie Noll, the man had swiped a vehicle from an area home with in minutes of the home invasion.

At this time the authorities have found nothing that connects the homeowner and Eddy but the Sheriffs office believe drugs and alcohol are to be a factor in this case.

Ionia County Prosector's Office has not had the homeowner arrested and are currently taking a look at the case.



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