Nothing is official, and no actual plans are moving forward yet, but a move that could significantly shake up the shopping landscape in Battle Creek is being seriously discussed.

We have confirmed with Adam Horrock, Co-owner of Horrocks Farm Market on Capital Ave. SW, that the store is in the discussion stages with the owners of Lakeview Square Mall about a possible move to the recently vacated Sears location on Beckley Road.

It is very early, but there is definitely some interest here. A move to that spot at the mall would nearly triple the amount of space for our operation and allow us to do things we currently can't do. You can see that we are maxed out on space in our current facility on Capital Ave. Even though we like the proximity to downtown Battle Creek, we also believe becoming a new anchor store at Lakeview Square Mall would be a win-win-win for our business, the mall and the community. And most importantly, we would remain in the city of Battle Creek - Adam Horrock, Co-owner Horrock's

When asked about some of the logistical obstacles such as selling alcohol, how they would continue their greenhouse activity, etc., Horrock said that they believe any obstacles could be worked out given the increased space they would be able to work with and once a plan is in place and moving forward. He reiterated that there is a huge interest in the move from Horrocks and Lakeview Square Mall's owners, but that, again, nothing is actually being planned at this time.

We will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.


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