Are you wearing gloves these days to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus?  If so here are some Michigan nurses giving us some tips on how to wear and use them.

In an article published MLive Carolyn Flietstra, a registered nurse said:

What’s better than wearing gloves in public? Just wash your hands. Really...If your skin is intact, the virus will not enter through it. But wash your hands really well.

Carolyn went on to say:

As a nurse, it drives me a little nuts to see people wearing whatever disposable gloves to the grocery store, driving their vehicles, eating food, you name it...We've all seen it, maybe you've done it. Here's why it doesn't help keep you safe from the coronavirus.

She goes on to explain that the reason they do not work is due to the fact that people wear them much longer than they really should before changing them.  People are touching too many surfaces and then touching items in their purse or wallet.

If you do want to wear these gloves then you should imagine you are wearing gloves while painting and pretend the paint is the Coronavirus.  Her advice is:

Now pretend you don't take the gloves off when you finish painting, but instead touch other walls, your kids, your face, your food...You wouldn't; the paint would be all over the place.

That certainly sounds like great advice, but remember her first advice.  Wash your hands well and often.

Also please stay 6 feet away from each other. I noticed while I was shopping for groceries over the weekend those of you wearing gloves and masks were a bit too close to me and others in the store.

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