Maybe you have seen the pictures of two unaccompanied illegal alien children sleeping on the floor in a cage during the Obama Administration or maybe you have not.  What you need to know is the true story behind that picture and how these unaccompanied illegal children are actually treated by us Americans who pay federal income taxes.

As reported by The Washington Times, yes these unaccompanied illegal alien children are originally kept in cells surrounded by fencing at the border.  They are only kept there as they are being processed by the agents who catch them. That is what you see from those photos taken back in 2014 during the Obama Administration.

What you are not being informed about is where these unaccompanied illegal alien children are sent after processing.

Did you know that once they are processed the unaccompanied illegal alien children:

  • Are set up in comfy dormitories, coloring with “multicultural crayons”
  • Given the ability to watch their favorite soccer teams from back home on the extensive cable system
  • They can play soccer on a beautiful new soccer field
  • They can attend “Spanish language yoga” for those that want it
  • They are given trips to go bowling, visit museums and even go to an amusement park, at a cost of $49 a ticket
  • These children are given three meals a day plus snacks and according to federal rules they must be fed “until they are full.”

According to the article the United States taxpayer forks up $670 per day.  Seems a bit

high but I have seen cost numbers ranging between mid $200’s up to a $1000 a day.

According to the article the sites which house these unaccompanied illegal children have:

On-site recreation may include: soccer tournaments; movie night; playing games on the Wii; bingo and board games; basketball and volleyball tournaments; and Spanish language yoga. During the summer children engage in water-based activities such as swimming, fishing, and playing in the sprinklers

By the way you also pay for them to call back home a couple of times a week and comprehensive health care.

Sounds to me like they have a better life than many American children.

Now you know the entire story.


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