Bridges are man-made structures that give the people of the world mixed feelings. Some people think that bridges are one of the coolest infrastructures known to man and make traveling across bodies of water easier, while others hold their eyes shut tight as the car travels over the bridge that's keeping them separated from the water. Although I'm not necessarily a fan of bridges, they provide immaculate views of whatever area you're in.

We are no strangers to bridges here in Michigan, from small bridges that cross streams and rivers to bridges over highways and railroad tracks to large bridges that stretch across the lakes and connect shorelines to islands or even to our neighboring country, bridges are all over the mitten state. Most bridges in Michigan are publicly owned and paid for by the resident's tax dollars, but there is one major bridge that happens to be privately owned.

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The Ambassador Bridge is a large bridge that allows driving access between Canada and The United States. According to a Tiktok video posted by a user (aadampedia) the Ambassador bridge, unlike almost every other bridge in the state, is privately owned. Now there is a back story to this and the video below has it all.

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The video goes on to explain how neither country wanted to finance or even be a part of the building of the bridge, which lands us where we are today. The bridge was built in 1929 and has been privately owned since then, it did go bankrupt in the 30s, before being bought by Warren Buffett, who was brought out by Maddie Maroon, who bought enough stake to take the company private. 
The Ambassador Bridge is still privately owned to this day and neither country has made moves to acquire the bridge, but instead has come together for a new project that will be coming soon. Both countries have provided resources, time, and money for the building of the Gordie Howe Bridge which will be south of the Ambassador Bridge and will connect Detriot to Windsor, Canada. 

Historic Bridge Park in Battle Creek, Michigan

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