A husky was found shot on the opening day of firearm season in Huron County. Not sure if the dog was mistaken for a coyote or a deer but it is recovering now at a shelter.

According to MLive, on Thursday, November 15, which coincides with the opening of firearm deer season, the bloodied Siberian husky was found on the side of the road in Huron County Michigan.

Israel Perez spotted the dog while driving home for work, pulled over and then called his wife, Shannon Perez.

Shannon Perez said, "When he called me to come there, he said he was pretty sure the dog had been shot. When I got there, he was covered in blood and we could see blood coming from what looked like a hole by his shoulder."

Shannon said, "He was very calm. That's why my husband called, because he was nervous to see if he had tags. So when I got there and seen how big he was, I was nervous, too. He was very calm and licked my hand. He let me remove his collar and let me help him into the car."

The Perezes rushed the dog to the Thumb Animal Shelter located in Elkton. Shannon said, "Thank God for them, because he was losing so much blood and I knew he didn't have much time."

The dog's name turned out to be Sarge. The shelter took him to the Laursen Veterinary Service in Fairgrove. Sarge in now in stable condition and his owner has been located. Sarge will undergo surgery Friday November 16 but should have a successful recovery.

No word if police are investigating the shooting rumored to be a hunting incident.


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