Once again the Mainstream Media (MSM) makes it easy for me.  That is the problem when you do not keep you criticisms and opinions straight.

As I said yesterday on my show, Live with Renk, you can’t be a political pundit and lie or not be intellectually honest, you will get burned.  You can’t keep all those lies and intellectually dishonest statements straight over the years.  You will get caught, and the Washington Post was caught again.

The Washington Post, in their attempt to take Donald Trump out, wrote an editorial in which they stated “Where we part company with Mr. Trump is his apparent belief that calling people who disagree with him 'pigs,' disparaging their looks or launching crude insinuations seemingly about their menstrual cycles amounts to some kind of brave rebellion against convention — rather than self-indulgent vulgarity. Mr. Trump seems to have confused political correctness with decency and civility; we need less of the former but more, much more, of the latter.”

Yet they celebrate and promote those very same actions when a Democrat or President Obama does exactly what they are railing against Trump about.

President Obama calling anyone against his Iranian nuke deal equivalent to the nut case “hardliners,” who are actually the people he dealt with, in Iran.

Remember when President Obama called many Americans gun-toting bible thumpers?

The list goes on and on.

Did the Washington Post publish any editorials admonishing President Obama for those words?

Do not think too long, the answer is no.

The post talks about Trump and his followers, that being Republicans, unconstructive anger.  How about all that unconstructive anger from so many liberal/democrat groups, like themselves, and democrat politicians.

Do they ever publish editorials, let alone report, on those groups and politicians?

Again, do not think about it too long--the answer is NO!

The Post then went on to say “even the most justified political anger is not a political program.”  Really, is that not exactly what your paper has been supporting and feeding for the last 7 years?

The Post then had the gall to write the following: “Come to think of it, any politician of either party who promises to fix or change or overthrow Washington through sheer force of personality or ideological purity is misleading the voters.


Again the Washington Post wholeheartedly supported and promoted President Obama for saying the same things.

Please I beg of you liberals, i.e. The Washington Post, make it a bit harder for me to show you as the emperor with no clothes.

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