Governor Gretchen Whitmer's testy campaign slogan,  "Fix The Damn Roads" is starting to take shape for real. The Michigan Department of Transportation is releasing a 5-year master plan for rebuilding roads and infrastructure. It’s made possible through a massive $3.5 billion bond issue the Governor unilaterally imposed on the state without legislative input.

So while some quarters of the state are applauding the actions. Others are wondering about how the state will effectively manage the new debt load.  The state legislature had proposed a significantly smaller plan. This all happened after the legislature turned its back on Governor Whitmer’s proposed gasoline tax at another $0.45 a gallon.

State Transportation Department Director Paul Ajegba says the process now is like making a sandwich. He says, “It’s like spreading the peanut butter, you know we have very little money, so we want to spread it to as many locations as possible."  The most notable projects are covering sections of 49 state roads and bridges.

The state has set up an interactive online map where you can pinpoint most of the projects as they are now planned. Nothing is locked in yet.

In Calhoun County, the largest project is rebuilding an approximate 8 mile-long stretch of I-94 on either side of the M-66 interchange.  Two long sections of M-66 from I-94 south to M-60 will get reworked. M-96 between Galesburg and Augusta will get some attention.

In Kalamazoo, a widening project on I-94 will cover from Sprinkle Road almost over to Westnedge with the Portage Road overpass being replaced.

The state is taking your comments on all the work through the end of the month.

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