We must look for good things to discuss and inform people of and the University of Michigan’s Basketball team is giving us one.  The latest College Basketball AP Top 25 poll was just released and the U of M basketball team surged to # 7 in the country.

If my memory serves me right the last time the University of Michigan was in the top 10 was in December of 2019.  Vince, does this make up for my comments last week concerning Michigan’s Football program offering Coach Harbaugh a contract extension?

U of M’s basketball team was not expected to do as well as they have this season so this is a nice surprise.  Unfortunately, Michigan State was expected to do much better than they have been.  Michigan State’s basketball team slipped to 34 in the ratings.

The following are the Associated Press College Basketball Top 25, Jan. 11

1. Gonzaga (63) 12-0

2. Baylor (1) 11-0

3. Villanova 8-1

4. Texas 10-1

5. Iowa 11-2

6. Kansas 10-2

7. Michigan 10-0

8. Creighton 10-2

9. Wisconsin 10-2

10. Tennessee 9-1

11. Houston 10-1

12. Clemson 9-1

13. West Virginia 9-4

14. Illinois 9-4

15. Texas Tech 10-3

16. Louisville 8-1

17. Missouri 7-2

18. Virginia 7-2

19. Duke 5-2

20. Virginia Tech 9-2

21. Ohio St. 9-3

22. Oregon 9-2

23. Minnesota 10-4

24. Saint Louis 7-1

25. UConn 6-1

It did not stop there.  Hours after they ranked 7th in AP’s poll the ranked 5th in The Ferris Mowers Men’s Basketball Coaches Poll, powered by USA TODAY Sports.  They tell us this Coaches Poll “is conducted weekly throughout the regular season using a panel of head coaches at Division I schools”.

Michigan’s coach Juwan Howard was quoted in 247Sports.com stating:

“It doesn’t happen overnight...Because guys have to buy into it and understand that those type of plays will be inspiring to the guys that are on a sideline that will appreciate the effort that you’re bringing and how you’re sacrificing your body to help the team. Like, for example — speaking of sacrificing their body — like Eli Brooks, who, there was a loose ball and Eli put his head and nose to go get the ball. I’ve seen a lot of players who would just stop and back up and let the opponent grab the basketball. But that right there, it says about the character of a person who loves and will do whatever he can to help the team win...And I’ve just been so impressed with this group and how they bought into all the love doing all the little things that helps winning.”

Go Blue!

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