I think everyone can agree that the City of Seattle Washington is a very liberal city.

As proof I give you:

  • They have passed a $15 minimum wage that has driven restaurants and other businesses out of the city.
  • With the backing of their labor unions, the Seattle City Council passed an ordinance that’d force Uber and Lyft drivers to turn over their private information to union organizers.
  • Seattle’s passed a “secure scheduling” law. This new scheduling ordinance not only handcuffs employers by forcing them to comply with new scheduling rules, but it also eliminates any flexibility employees had in changing or picking up additional hours at work. Labor unions which pushed hard to get the law enacted, would be exempted from the law.

With that being said why would they build fences and walls to keep homeless people out of certain areas?

The Seattle Times is reporting on Seattle’s Department of Transportation building fences and walls made of basalt boulders to stop homeless people from sleeping or setting up campgrounds in certain parts of their city.  The article states:

The use of infrastructure to discourage sleeping or camping by homeless people is known as “hostile architecture.” It can be as explicit as the city of Spokane’s dumping tons of basalt boulders under Interstate-90 last fall to discourage people from camping, or Tacoma dropping boulders on a grass parking strip where people congregated a year before.

The simple question is if you believe these fences and walls will stop their homeless population from entering certain areas then why do they believe that a border wall will not stop many people from entering the United States?

I believe the answer is obvious, they are hypocritical, do you?

Why should they be able to say out of one side of their mouth that they need to set up these fences and walls to keep their homeless out of certain areas and then out of the other side of their mouths say fences and walls should not be built at our borders.

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