The City of Battle Creek is looking for ideas for how a downtown Battle Creek parking lot could be put to better use.

The City is holding a public open house Wednesday night at 6:30 pm at the Department of Public Works at 150 Kendall Street. The aim is to discuss the city-owned parking lot at the southwest corner of McCamly and Van Buren Streets; the meeting will feature representatives from the city and project consultant team sharing information with attendees, and taking their input. City and State representatives are seeking community feedback on what should be done with the lot, including potential residential and commercial uses, and even ideas regarding design preferences like building style and height.

The City says that while there are currently no plans pending to redevelop this property, they are studying "possible opportunities" the property represents. Battle Creek City Planning Manager Christine Zuzga says “We want to hear people’s impressions, comments, and questions about potential barriers or obstacles to development, as well as hopes and ideas about solutions.”

This open house and other work involved with this study is taking place through assistance from the Michigan Economic Development Corp.'s Redevelopment Ready Communities Program and the Michigan Municipal League.

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