Answering this call could save lives.  Here's why.

The state of Michigan is using a three-step plan to slow the spread of Covid-19.  Those three steps are Test, Trace and Protect.  Step one involves the state partnering with medical providers to expand testing capacity and to make sure getting tested is both easy and free for the public.

Which leads us to step two.  This is where you answering your phone comes in.  When someone tests positive for the Coronavirus, the state does everything they can to reach anyone that has been in recent contact with the new Covid-19 patient.

When I receive a call from an unrecognizable number, I usually do not answer.  I know that I am not alone with this behavior.  The state of Michigan is asking us to change that behavior, at least temporarily, as you may not realize you were in contact with a person that tested positive.  With this info, you can get tested which will help protect you and the people you care about.

The final step is to "protect."  This step is very simple.  If you test positive and don't need medical attention.  Stay home to help protect Michiganders that are more vulnerable to the virus.

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